About Tennis Profits

Paul Shires

Hi, I'm Paul Shires. I have taught a huge number of people how to trade the tennis markets on the Betfair Exchange. Many have gone on to trade full-time and a lot more now make a second income from home.

I discovered Betfair trading in 2008 and soon decided that tennis would be a good fit as the best sport to trade. I played tennis to a decent standard as a teenager and have always loved the sport.

In the early days, I just found ways to get money consistently without a huge amount of thought about value. I learned fast and, in a little over 2 years, I left my job to trade full-time.

During my 20 year career in retail management, my biggest strength was training and coaching others. I set up many teams from scratch and instilled my own standards in them. That experience makes me the ideal person to teach you how to trade tennis on Betfair.

I'm a typical Yorkshireman as you'll see from my no-nonsense approach to trading, teaching and life. I was brought up to have very strong ideas of right and wrong and of how things should be done, which you will appreciate as you learn how to trade tennis with me.

I have a good head for numbers and am perhaps the most stubborn person you would ever meet. I just don't quit!

Many years ago, I set up the TradeShark tennis blog which quickly became one of the most recognised and trusted brands in Betfair tennis trading. I had been frustrated in the early months that there was no one who was prepared to share their knowledge, so I started to pass on what I was learning myself.

I released my first Trading Guide back in 2009 and spent more than a decade adding to it. I had no idea that it was going to be so popular for so long and I took great pride in saving people the time that I wasted learning everything from scratch.

Early in 2021, I teamed up with Steve Brown from Goal Profits and Matt Bisogno from GeeGeez with the aim of building the very best tennis trading resource online. Between the three of us, we have a wealth of knowledge which we're going to share with you.